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#340985 - After I finished my cigarette things were getting too loud, it was kind of a big issue because of the posh building I live in, i was now pissed off because i did not even know this people and there where at the top of their voices in my house at 4am, suddenly i started hearing Stacey and Jane’s voice coming from the room, them too are now having problems, I told Kayla and her boyfriend to fuck off from my house and take their argument somewhere else, they left my house and continued in the streets, Claire followed them to make sure things would not get out of hand, I checked on Stacey and Jane, they were throwing words at each other didn’t know what that fight was all about till later on. Who’s coming? I asked. So with a little booty shaking and a of lot girls showing off their sexiness from watching MTV I wanted to have some fun for myself, I started the pinging and the calling only to find my housemate doing the same thing, After a couple of minutes looking for a girl to come over

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