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#88911 - Yes, Yes I understand Cindy but I’m not happy that you led Jan astray when you knew our feeling of only playing together, I shall have to receive a full set of all the photographs from the weekend and believe me you shall be punished although possibly not tonight as I see you have come with a very nice peace offering, shall we open them & partake. Jan took a big gulp of wine and proceeded with all the details of everything that happened from the time she got off the plane & jumped into Cindy’s car, the three way Lesbian action with Cindy & April. At this point Jim spoke up, like I said before Nic, my wife & I only play together, I’ll punish anybody who leads her astray, which is why I am punishing Sally, if you want some of that you know how to get it.

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Yuuto ayase
Thank you
Linna yamazaki
How does one get the chance to be apart of this
You are supposed to stay 6 feet away from each other not go 6 inches into her smh reported