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#84670 - “Ple-please stop that, ooooohhhhh” I moaned Soon I felt his hands on my ass cheeks , his tongue going deeper and playing with my clit. “M-my God ! , ooohhh!” I moaned as I clasp on the pillow “Ah,uh , you like that huh Nelly? , you want more of my cock?” I heard his voice taunting me as he continues to fuck me dog-style I kept my face buried on the bed sheets as he continue to pound my pussy from behind, I could feel his excitement as he continues to moan with pleasure with every thrust. “I think it would be better if I carry your boy to his bedroom upstairs as you’re not capable by the look of it” He added smiling “It’s so kind of you , I’m really sorry to get you into this” I told him “It’s nothing Nelly , just close and lock the door when we go up , you know this neighborhood, some thief might sneak in ” He added as I nodded in agreement.

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