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#315927 - . Taggert?!? In the next fifteen minutes or so, Harriett replied gently, we are going to take complete control of your daughter's will, and while you don't have to stay, I encourage you to do so, I'm sure that after we're finished you will be quite satisfied with the results!!! Joan Davis sat down in silence while Harriett took her place next to her daughter, and in a cold hard voice said, Your days as a malcontent are now officially over, from now on you will do as you're told, when you're told, do you understand me!?! Now almost too terrified to even speak, Quincy Daivs looked on in abject horror as Harriet Taggert began calmly cutting off her jeans with a razor sharp scizzors, not stopping until they were in a pile of ribbons on the floor next to them!!! As total panic set in, the young girl in a shaky voice begged, P-please, I'll do what ever you say, just please don't hurt me!!! Very good, Quincy, the old lady said soflty, yo

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Mahiro yasaka
I loved it but more details
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A spanking and spunking fuck fiesta