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#176992 - That evening after giving my sister’s bum a slapping then fucking, we lay together and l told her what Trudy had said, things can carry on as normal and because l had always made decisions and controlled what Sally did ever since she was a small girl it was easy for me to convince her she was only to have my cock filling her pussy as she was my toy, but emphasized it was alright for me to fuck Trudy and her. We got back from the walk all the plates were done and Sally asked if we wanted wine, Trudy said she will pour the drinks because my sister did the plates as Trudy poured the wine l whispered to my sister she was to say ‘no’ when Trudy asked her to help out, Sally smiled and nodded, she got just as excited by being whipped as Trudy got from whipping her. Wednesday l picked up Hilary and we drove to the travel inn then in our room she had to strip and put on the other dress which l redesigned the neckline to reveal most of her tits and tucked the dress in at the waste so it come

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