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#339014 - Laura’s tongue kept flickering over my clit picking up her pace meeting the thrusts of my fingers in her pussy and my tongue in her ass we both came to a powerful orgasm drenching each others faces in our juices I had to push her ass of my face and capture the trickles of her mature girl cum into my mouth before I started drowning in her juices. She introduced herself as Laura and told me she’s only been with a couple girls herself but never with one as young as me so she was a bit nervous to then followed by placing her hand on my thigh i remember when John did this it made me feel all tingly down there i leaned back and parted my legs a little bit being more relaxed i felt Laura move up closer to my panties but not actually touching it she was teasing me and she knew i knew just by the laboured breathing coming out of my mouth she continued to go up and down sometimes taking a little of swipe of my pantie covered pussy with her little finger i felt my panties get damp at her slight

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That was pretty epic