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#169850 - Before them lay Whiterun, the Stormcloaks main force had already began the battle with the Dovakiin at its head as it rushed the main gates. Rickard raised his steel clad arm with his mailed fist into the air, the archers took aim, the seconds slowed and slipped by as time itself seemed to slow, then, his fist dropped, swift and heavy as a giant fiery wall lifted from the very earth in one motion, flying through the air in a flaming fury, smashing into the city with a roaring crash as the western stone wall of the wind district collapsed in an explosion of red glory. A group of 50 guards and legionnaires charged at them as Rickard looked forward again, unstrapping his shield he quickly shifted it to his left arm leaving it free as he drew The Ebony Blade from its sheath, weilding it with one hand like a man would a knife.

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