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#82160 - The party was to continue the rest of the night and I will tell you more in the next episode. As for Susan being shipped off home that morning apparently in the car Amanda had torn into Susan accusing her of not being a true friend and had backstabbed her, Susan had only been allowed to return after she had promised not to have any further sexual contact with me “I am sorry about that” she added “but I am looking forward to tonight, perhaps we can see what happens in the future” but I knew her loyalties were with Amanda and that was that. “Babe don’t get distracted will you” I heard Amanda say and as I turned to face her I saw that she had straddled Tim with her back to his face, she was facing me but with Tim’s cock lying upright against her belly “look at this, it goes way past my belly button” she said, her hand was now stroking its head and I could see that she could barely close her hand around its girth “go on baby give me that look, it’s time to give me that look” I felt sic

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