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#283960 - Then the next thing that sam knew was when she began to feel pressure from something as she came around she realized it was gino and shoving his tongue down her throat and fucking her pussy hard and she tried to move but her hands were tied she tried to fight but all this did was amuse gino she eventually collapsed back and fainted from the pain when she woke up again she was covered in cum and her clothes were mostly missing what she was wearing was torn or cut up she saw a note sticking to her chest because of the cum from the night before from Patrick it said “ we’ll be in contact more often now” she checked her cell phone and she received pics of her getting fucked by Patrick and gino she was in shock and didn’t know what to do after sitting in thought and some tears she got up and showered but when she came out she hauled ass to her car and drove home. He found a door slightly open and went in and closed it behind them he realized the treasure he had found. She felt somethin

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