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#313115 - So at school the next day i could hardly wait to talk to tonya she was in my thrid peroid class as soon as she walked into class in a skanky shirt followed by her skirt i was in heaven let me tell you she walked right passed me like nothing ever happend oh well i thought to myself i could hardly wait for practise to start so after school i took the activity bus over to the wrestling room and after it got over it happend all 9 wrestlers and 15 cheerleaders got in the van and went over to the Run down building there was tonya i quickly danced over to her and asked her she said no I was like ?!?!?!?!?!? she then told me about a month later that well she was having a baby. So they ended up leaving going into the gym to practise there chears while we stuck in this hell.

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Mimori kiryu
Mmmmmm eat that ass for breakfast daily
Yes heather was a pro just like you andie keep up the good work