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#205884 - “Yes daddy” was her answer but the smile on her face told me more, she looked happy. “Oh daddy, I saw mommy do it to you when it was hard and boys told me that it hurts when not helped so I wanted to help you daddy” she answered with just a hint of laughter in it. When she was done, she stood back and asked me “So why didn’t you make a move on me?” Turning to face her I said “What‘s the rush? We have all weekend remember?” “Yeah okay, I guess I am a little nervous or worried, I don’t know, I feel like I fucked up the evening you know?” she answered me in a soft and worried voice.

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Kaho morii
Idk why he did it to his wife he could have done it to anyone and also this is the exact same concept as multiple hentai ive seen with the brushing the teeth and time stopping
Kyosuke kagami
Its alexa tomas and paula shy