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#374570 - Lighten up Dan replied softly, He's just a dog, he doesn't know any better, for him it’s just natural to sniff at stuff Yeah, well let him sniff at you if you feel that way about it I had replied coolly Don't think he's that way inclined?” Dan smirked back, If he does it again, just close you legs, push him away and tell him No, don't shriek and leap about, hell girl you nearly gave me a heart attack We resumed our original positions, watching TV this time I had my legs firmly crossed and my nightshirt tugged between my inner thighs. I explained to Dan what had just transpired and to my astonishment he just laughed saying, I guess he's got a good nose for fine pussy, that's my boy he said looking at Buster who on hearing the congratulatory and jovial tone of my husband, got up and trotted over to him.

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