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#166105 - There was something wrong, he could feel it whoever it was who said only women have intuition and gut instincts well they were very wrong, Tilly was never late, never mind two bloody hours late although I mean well she did text to say she was running a little bit late but not two hours and she didn’t say why she would be late! He glances around the hotel bar sipping his beer when he notices heads turning towards the entrance he looks around to see what the commotion is, Ahh there she is my princess, She struts over to the bar in her tight black pencil skirt that moulds her perfectly toned bum, she wore a green silk blouse today that showed she was blessed with a large firm 36G chest. Looking lower he notices she was wearing his personal favourite fuck me green jimmy choos. She moves the presents from the bed onto a chair by the vast window overlooking New York city “Now please hunny” I say knowing It just something material.

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