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#367616 - Ayame gags on Meriks huge cock, Merik grunts as he rapes her mouth and he says She is sexy, I'm sure the Orcs had a great time with her when they gangraped her for over a year and impregnated her . The horse demons cock isn't erect but is still huge, Ayame looks at it and still can't believe that something that big was inside her pussy just a few moments ago, getting on her knees she grabs the horse demons cock head and starts licking it, Merik rams one of his tentacle arms deep into Ayames asshole and squeezes one of her tits with his other tentacle arm. Ayame dreams that she's holding her Orc Son in her arms far away from Rikimarue, her dream is interupted by what sounds like chains moving over something, she opens her eyes and right away she notices that she can barely move her head and hands, looking to her left she sees Rikimarue placeing a lock between two chain links and closing the lock.

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