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#65288 - he paused, Lady Catherine? he asked. I slumped in my seat, the business of the trial of Manningham, Lord Grey's Gamekeeper for theft of pheasants and Mister Johns for the theft of a Horse which he had apparently not stolen at all washed over me until at length the Judge retired. The mother was thus cut down and the Fowler son in turn brought up, the yokels lost interest but the maids became interested in their turn as his jacket and shirt were taken off before he was hung from the beam by a rope round his manacled hands, and then his breeches were hauled down and the first blow was administered across his left shoulder and then a second across his right shoulder, and he bore it stoically while ten or more blows were landed and then in the manner of such people he began to break down, but it was not until after the first twenty blows were laid and after the leather clad hangman acting as whips-man had rested and downed a pint of ale that the maids had their thrill.

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