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#311249 - harvey found me sat under a tree cry he said baby whats up thats where it happened harvey hugged me and said you should have told me i would have taken another way home to be continued. about a hour later harvey woke up and said hey how long you been awake about a hour i got out of bed and harvey said with a concerned look on his face hey hey hey where are you going you heard the doc harvey ive got to take a shower okay he said with sad looking eyes harvey? can you come help me harvey got up and walked into the bathroom i need help taking my clothes off harvey undressed me and i was got hard when it come to taking my boxers off harvey walked me into the shower after taking all my medical dressing off harvey got into the shower with me and turned it on he was still dressed but after a bit of time his clothes became see though. harvey came forward and hugged me (a little to hard) i said not so hard baby he said im sorry a few hours later the police arrived at

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