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#332295 - I spent the rest of my time with Korra and the Southern Water Tribe, but enought about me, what happened to you Gom- Raiden was continuing before a loud high pitched whistle ripped through the air followed by exasperated calls and a loud shout Stop!, Swimming in the lake is against the law! at this Gommu smirked mischievously and said cheerily to the couple infront of him Time to scadaddle! and with that he leapt into his bush and disappeared as Korra whistled and their guides sped to their side. I trust you will behave yourselves Tenzin finished as he turned and left Is seems your more persuasive than you let on Korra I said to her happily as she smiled I didn't know I could be this persuasive either, though your help would have been appreciated you know she said as she returned he smile What can I say, I'm indescisive about what I chose to become involved in, you know I won't be able I be present at your speech tomorrow Korra I said cheeri

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Megumi amano
Ohhh my god this is so cool
Where do i find this guy
Lashara earth
Ein adler der versucht hat zu fliehen hast du versucht einzusperrt einzusperren