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#97945 - Rohan had plans to fuck her on the last of our school the farewell party day which was a couple of days later and to top it his delight his parents had just gone for a month long business trip. and leaned forward and kissed her,She closed her eyes and surrendered She held him tightly her grip tightened as he started to run his lips over her's aditi knew what was he demanding for which she readily agreed and gave him access their tounges started to fight and aditi gave out a small groan which turned the heat up for rohan and he tightened his grip over aditi pulling her closer to his chest he held her up in air and lifted her to his bed their lips still locked and tougues still playing he laid her on her bed and broke the kiss looking into her eyes he got up removed his shirt and leaned over her kissing her forehead he started going down he peeked her cheeks and moved down he kissed her shoulders and moved towards her neck he started to trail kisses on her neck lips cheeks forehea

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