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#128593 - Immediately I felt the walls of her twat spasm around me, and she threw her head back and squealed. On this occasion, she had obviously just come home from school, and was in the remains of her school uniform, it was a blazing hot day so she had already shed the regulation blazer and tie, and as she stretched on tip-toe peering through the glass I caught a glimpse between the open top buttons of her regulation white blouse, and couldn’t see anything except podgy pink flesh. ” jutting her chest out in defiance, causing me to notice that her boobs were in fact developing well, or at least her nipples were! Their Mum was a bit old-fashioned in her ways, and this obviously led to her dis-allowing any sort of bra to her 11 year-old! “It’s just that she’s SUCH a slut ….

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