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#231652 - “Our church doesn’t believe in looking at anyone else’s bodily attributes and we think it is a sin to even think about it,” she explained with her eyes diverted from my body. I hoped that she would have had a moment to think about what we stared that afternoon and tell me “Thank you for teaching me some stuff,” but I guess that that was too much to hope for because she never did and I felt a little sad. The look on her face told me that she was nervous seeing another girl disrobe in front of her but she couldn’t divert her eyes from the sight either.

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Raidou kuzunoha the xiv
Personally i think the fact that they both get fucked but neither get the top bunk the hentai is actually a satire on late stage capitalism
Whos the first narrator
Azuki momoi
I love her feet
Manatsu natsuumi
I need this