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#393759 - I rubbed the head slowly around her tight ass and thought that there was no way it would go any deeper than the head, I pushed forward slowly feeling every inch of resistance as I entered into her, my dick slid forward opening up Diane’s virgin asshole for the first time, “Oh God, Its so strange, I want you to stop, it hurts, but It feels so good” Diane said, I let out a guttural moan as I slid my thick cock to the hilt of her tight ass, she let out a whimper as I stopped for a moment, “you want me to stop” I said, something must have broken inside her, she pushed back on my cock and moaned, “no, Fuck me, fuck me!” I needed no more encouragement as I slid out and then in again, meeting a warm feeling of friction and a constant pressure on my engorged dick. As we walked of I looked back to see Diane looking hungrily at us. “Oh my I have to pee!” exclaimed Amanda as soon as we came to a stop in the driveway, she hurried from the car holding her midriff and looking anxious, “me too”

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