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#277419 - He always cums first And I will always put him first I hate this love. His tongue prods deep into my twat My clit gets large, hoping to get sucked Not a chance, he doesn't even know where it's at He gets bored and grasps my ass He turns me over so I lay on my back He spreads my ass cheeks with his hands He forces his cock in my tiny ass Fucking it as hard as he can I scream and moan, not because of fun And here I thought we were making love I always cum last And it's so sad that I use my hand I look at his eyes as he cums They are always filled with lust Mine are filled with love A love I wish I didn't have He fills my face with cum And then he commands me to suck I get dressed and I leave He does me as he please Pleasing me is what he does least We fuck like jack rabbits Until sometimes cum is all I see And yet I love him still Pleasing him is not easy He even forgot I had a clit All he sees is my slit I think am not the bit

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