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#167430 - When I saw Colin open the door, I went over telling him to keep the dog out of Sue's sight for the moment, I would set up a surprise for her, as the guys moved off her, I pulled her up, leaning her on the edge of the bed, her ass open for the gy to walk up and fuck, which of course many did, quitely we got word around to allow me to get the dog in position, ready to mount her. Colin asked if I was sure about the kink and dog, I told him yes, but that might put the cost up a bit, if he had any thing arranged, a sly smile and he said with one phone call, I can have 2 dogs here soon, I told him to call his mate. Sue knew what she wanted and what to do, her hands went back, pulling her cheecks apart, allowed his knot to slip in, the guys cheered again as a tennis ball sized knot disapeared inside her hole, then he slowed, his balls ready to unload thier cargo of hot sticky cum deep inside her butt.

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