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#20898 - Damn no good, after a few hours of trying I accepted that god had no intension of allowing me to sleep tonight. We moved through the house to a small bedroom and stated kissing feverishly and helping each other out of our clothes and tossing them to the floor when we were both completely naked I sat on the edge of the bed and then I noticed that I couldn’t make out her features very clearly but I could feel everything just fine as she sat down straddling me and guided my cock through the waiting lips of her soaked pussy she griped my shoulders and I put my hands on her hips as we started a grinding motion this eventually drifted into blackness, the dream was over. I started by slowly licking and gently sucking at her pussy lips and clit adjusting myself to the flavor; it tasted very slightly metallic like licking a penny and sweet like honey or bad wine.

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