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#134472 - and the clitoris was tiny but I could see it, well I was liking this having my finger on her tiny pussy I guess she was liking it too as she reach between her legs and opened her pussy wide open and said look in here, I was stunned, did she just want me to Look in her ?, I was really getting excited now as she seemed to know what she was doing and liked it, so I slid my finger into her very tight pussy hole and started fingering her, she was not like mom inside she wasn’t nearly as wet or loose she had a very soft feel inside too, well I could shove my whole finger all the way in and she was starting to fuck my finger as I sped up and I was really was getting Horney, my little sister was 8 years old and yet could feel her pussy pleasured holy Crap. well the next morning we had breakfast and Mom said she was going to stop in at work to drop off some stuff and she was going shopping for food for us and did we want any special deserts ,well of course we both wanted ice cream and chocolat

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