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#334791 - Erection exposes sagging sac of two egg-sized nuts; infatuating her imagination on how these family jewels supplied sperm shot through this sturdy ebony cannon of a cock double decades ago, surely changing her mother's life, to create her ;) now she sought to personally recreate such miraculous memories to rock her small world (wanting to explore potent parent, until propels impulsive imp to paradise, or risk expelled from future with father faithful to wife). She's confident her diversely divine Daddy will answer and help solve all dilemmas diligently yet next month, when he’s away, she’ll discover how Ma-Ma’s mouth compares to Pa-Pa’s as parent # two’s seduced as successfully. She admits being a bit tipsy from partying, asking his help to the bathroom and assisting in shower to wash away cock’s cum she sadly couldn’t all swallow (both hoping bathing brings natural nurturing of offspring to numerous nymphomaniac matings).

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