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#208274 - Once we rest a bit I start fingering her as I kiss her neck and then she stops me and looks straight into my eyes and says “please take my virginity now” I don’t need to be told twice as I look deep into her eyes I lean down to passionately kiss Karys as I slowly slide my cock into her tight wet pussy as she winces with a little bit of pain she soon relaxes and then with one hard push I break her hymen she inhales sharply and closes her eyes tight as a single tear rolls down her face as I am all the way in her waiting for her to give me the ok to continue. I do just that I start to increase the speed and she starts moaning out for me to make her cum again, so I go as fast as I can without hurting her or myself and she screams out that’s she’s Cumming and her pussy contracts around my cock making me cum as well. As if by some magical force we lean towards each other and our lips embrace in a magnificent kiss as if fireworks started going off in our heads when our lips touched.

Read Flogging [Lorica] Biinkan Anal ~Kakusei Nejikomi Ana~ | 美淫感猥菊花 塞入擴張覺醒穴 [Chinese] Exotic Biinkan Anal| 美淫感猥菊花 塞入擴張覺醒穴

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