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#250147 - But I bucked up, and rode the shit out of him, I came on his stomach, it wasn’t much, giving I came earlier in the night, but cum none the less, he pulled out and came on my back, it shot pretty far up, I was actually amazed, and we made out a lot before I left too, there was a lot of body contact, he was almost curious about my body, he touched every inch easily, but he said he had to go meet some friends, so I left, I took a picture with him, pretty hot guy. I remember him moaning in pain a lot like I had the night before, but I wasn’t letting up, I plowed his ass so hard, it was so tight, tighter than the ass I fucked earlier in the week. I didn’t know what to do after, like, do I cuddle or what, I decided to at least put my shorts back on and clean up.

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