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#20887 - We didn’t speak or move, the warmth and comfort she felt was enough for her right now. She gave a sign as she felt my length entering her, when our pubic bone’s touched she paused, I had been with a couple of girls in my life, but neither gave me the feeling I now had, it wasn’t down to Rachel being my sister, it was something else, I couldn’t say what, all I knew was this was ten time better than any thing before. We had Thursday off as dad was at an auction; he had seen two house’s on the market and was hoping to buy them, mom was at work, I roused around half nine and went down in my pyjama trousers to make a drink and put a couple of slices of bread in the toaster, as I waited for it, I heard Rachel moving about her room, I called up asking if she wanted a drink and some toast, “Please Phil, can you bring it up” a few minutes later I was tapping on her bedroom door, she called me in, she was sat on the bottom edge of her bed wrapped in a towel drying her long hair, which sh

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