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#14844 - But see I was happy with this, I loved my life, I loved myself, everything was going well with me. I felt really good, and super exhausted, I looked at her, at this point I didn’t care anymore, I lay myself against her feeling her chest and her hard nipples against mine, I wrapped my arms around her neck and closed my eyes, Mandy hugged me with one arm, and started to take her fingers out of my pussy and ass. I looked up at her over my left shoulder wondering why she had stopped, maybe she realised that I was completely waxed, and my kitty was naked as the day I was born? As I looked at her I could tell that this woman was completely entranced with my body, she didn’t really notice me looking at her, she just slowly looked from my breasts to the hand in my underware.

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Nazuna nito
That look so much fun to do always better when there is a little risk
Kyon no imouto
I love those girls