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#361814 - When Tina and Rick got home, l don’t think the meal went well because my sister went straight to bed and Rick told me they argued because she wanted the nursery done, so l asked if she was pregnant, he said ‘no’, l agreed with Rick there was no rush. Slowly the men began to appear from the bushes to get a better look at me fucking Sasha, she whispered ‘those men are coming over’ l just carried on fucking her warm tight hole one bloke asked if he could have a feel of her tits, l told him to ask her, Sasha nervously replied ‘ok’, seeing another bloke playing with her tits got me excited and l began fucking her faster then all 3 blokes began groping her tits, next one of them pulled out a condom and pointed at Sasha, l nodded, he got his cock out and rolled the condom over his shaft l told Sasha to stay over the bonnet then slid my cock from her hole and stepped to one side as the bloke got into position behind her and slid his cock covered pole up inside her, Sasha let out ‘what’s happe

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