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#17467 - The night was great, now the woman had been fucked by us all, the jealous seemed to disappear, Shelia was eating out a womans cunt while her ass was being fucked, I was getting horny for a ass fucking myself now, and I knew Chris was good for a fuck, so when he took a few minutes rest, I went over saying would he like to pound my ass for the first time in front of the group. We fucked like that for some time, then Chris let out a groan, his cock jerked inside my ass and filled me with his cum, some dropped onto Shelia's face, as his cock went deeper and deeper forcing more out. Her mouth wrapped around my cock as cum ozzed out, my anal orgasm subsiding, Chris picked up the pace, sending me into another better orgasm as Shelia took all my cock in her mouth.

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Kyousuke karasuma
Good fuck i like it
Hotaru tomoe
Beautiful body and beautiful movement
Takashi natsume
Guys name
Chigusa amagasaki
Perfect hentai will really get a tip or two for this kind of thing