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#254715 - So here I was, facing what could only be described as one of the most boring times of my life and all my best mate could say was I’ll sort something out to entertain you. Suddenly the message appeared again and nervously I clicked it on again, this time 4 of the 6 boxes were flashing, clicking on the first I saw one of the ground floor apartments appear and could see the guy that lived there watching TV while his girlfriend was getting changed in the bedroom. Looking back at his mother I see she’s stopped washing and now she’s using the water jet to tease her pussy, sending strong pulses at it and holding the lips wide as the jet hits her, I can hear her suppressed moans and she slowly brings herself to orgasm, without realising it I’ve started stroking the growing bulge in my shorts in time with her hand movements.

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Miss spencer
That x ray scene was clever a new spice in porn hentais