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#277593 - I didn’t kiss her back. While she was doing this I felt her lips moving to my next nipple and working her magic there too, I needed to cum, badly, I needed to explode but her knee was just a cm too far away, I looked at her sucking my tit like a new born babe, “Mandy” I asked blushing at my request “Mandy, please, move your leg up” oh god, I felt like such a slut, she didn’t respond, and at the same time she didn’t stop assaulting my tits with pleasure, “mandy, please, move your leg up” Mandy released my arms but I kept them above my head, she reached under me and held my chest up, effectively moving my pussy a little further from her knee. As I wilted into her arms I heard Mandy say “there we go sweetie, no need to fight it my dear, just relax, now there’s a good girl” I guess she was right, what was the point.

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