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#420109 - I’d become friendly with a boy in school called Malcolm who was also a sissy boy but he was by far more experienced in cock fun than me, he use to frequent the Cinema in his free school periods. When I was 15 nearly 16 I use to have study periods in school, because I was bright a lad I didn’t really need extra studying time, so I used the time to visit one of the local Cinemas in the afternoon, there was one Cinema in particular I use to frequent, it was the oldest Cinema and nick named the s flee pit, it was shabby and seat wee well worn , on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons the Cinema showed B rated films which were mostly were black and white films, there were no Usherettes on duty only a man selling the tickets in the Cinema booth. He was another elderly gentleman; he didn’t look too bright, as I approached the urinal there was a well dressed man standing in front of one of the urinals, I knew he was looking for some cock by the time he stayed at the urinal, he stood ba

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