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#54392 - She stands up, pulling off her panties saying here, you keep them, toss them in the laundry basket, I’ll not be needing them anymore, I said there you go and we walked out together to find Nicole in her room and not even out where I left her. She says ok, I’m asking then. It was soon after that, that she bent down taking me into her mouth and started sucking me off until I blew, she swallowed it all and as she came up I looked at her as she licked her lips saying wow, you taste as good as I imagined, I said well let me see and I pulled her legs apart and went down on her as she came almost instantly I was lapping her juices up and after she was done I said umm, you’re right as we laughed at each other.

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Masamori sumimura
I would like to be a friend of a girl
Yukiho kousaka
Soo perfect scene
Thank u