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#190968 - please don't let us gets shut down! Looking directly in the pathetic man at his feet's eyes whom he only moments before was going to slaughter like a ritual zebra, the doctor lifted the nurse up with a single arm, pressed her perfect breasts firmly against his chest, thrust his cock back into her sopping pussy down to the base of his shaft, and kissed her with such a passion that it was obvious to anyone who saw that she just forgot all about her husband's very existence. Countless small towns and several large cities had already been lost these past thirty days, and as the towering man prepared himself with every tool and protection he could ever need he swore to himself that this would be the year it all ended. Each of the rooms' doors were scattered across the floor in the form of splinters, the doorways completely filled with thick garland, and as the doctor cut his way through the first blockage he looked upon pure horror within.

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