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#174328 - Its force and speed drove his body forward with each new pressing thrust, forcing a whimper and moan from his lungs and causing his new form to shift in ways he had never experienced, his soft thighs and ass bouncing with the force of the thrust, his full besieged breasts swaying beneath him as they were seen to by other, greedy tentacles. He squirmed weakly, helplessly as he felt the tentacles around him, felt the thick ropey limbs squeezing and massaging his new feminine form, a tentacle moving to each of his full breasts, encircling at the base and squeezing, forcing his soft mounds out and up. He groaned at its lack of patience and mercy, seemingly having waited long enough it spared no time in beginning its movements with him, the bulging length starting to press in and out of his plump ass, fucking him like the woman he was meant to be for it.

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Yuri tsukikage
Che gran troia e che gran figa la scoperei nel culo fino a farla impazzire
Yuuko nishi
Like if you wanna fuck my ass