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#180184 - I lube a finger and start her stretching and she is all ready breathing hard as I increase my speed and depth then I add another finger and she is starting to sweat and pant a few more minutes and I add a third and she is gripping the table but not a word so I have the next size plug but she don’t know that I have her on the edge and pull out my finger and drive the plug home she lets out a squeak and passes out again this is to funny because she work herself up so much that the extra little stimulation send s her right over the edge. I told her thanks Pet good job then I told her what had happened to my wife she was sorry I told her we were more like friends she was always with her sister and we just passed in the night so my life is about the same it was just her sister I had to keep an eye on now but she is pretty stable. When I turned her around and pulled her to me she was like glue and holding me so tight I could barely breath I said relax and have some fun.

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