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#138103 - Besides, if she tried anything the Eggs Dozen would deal with her, what could possibly go wrong? Once the king built up the nerve he started to ask Titania questions; who was she? Where did she live? What did she know of this place? It would have gotten on the woman's nerves had she been listening to half of it, but she did tell him enough to get him to go quiet. As the king traveled he came across the ruined, charred remains of once civilized locations more and more frequently, until soon he found himself at what could be described as ground zero; the Ring of Ashes. Hesitating, the king used his royal dagger to cut through the nerve-like threads stretched across the door sealing it shut, agonizing screams that chilled the king's soul flooding from all around but most heavily from the room ahead, ripping them free and forcing the doors open.

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