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#62544 - I waited a little bit and knocked, the door opened as I heard a voice saying- what did u forget…- it was my sister Cindy wearing a towel -heyyyy- she said- what are you doing here? - I came to talk to you- I said quietly almost whispering- who was that?- -oh that was just a friend of mine- she said nonchalant - Well he looked kind of old and fat to be your friend- I said joking -Very funny- she said –come on in- She looked better than last time, she was still skinny but she wasn’t twitching and her eyes weren’t jumpy , she looked kind of tired, as I stepped in and looked around I realized it was a dump, it had a small table, a couch, two chairs a small kitchen and a fridge, a bedroom with only one bed and no door, it also had a bathroom with no door, it was full of ashtrays and it smelled like smoke and buzz, also there were a lot of bottles around the floor. -What happened-I asked -I finished, what about you?, she said panting and looking at me. -Are you insane- Jen was the

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