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#350171 - At seven 0’clock Sean called round to collect me and on the way back to Tina’s we flirted like we always did and I was really enjoying myself, when we got to Tina’s we had a glass of wine and called a taxi, we had a wonderful meal then decided to go to a night club, this was the mistake, once inside Sean and Tina hit the dance floor and after a couple of dances returned to our table. It all started after my boyfriend dumped me when he found out I was pregnant, I was distraught and thought my world was at an end, My sister Tina invited me to have a night out with them and I was only happy to except there offer. Holding his balls in one hand and the base of his cock in the other Sean was soon approaching his first orgasm but I needed some attention so I stopped sucking him and removed my robe leaving me in just my white panties which wear totally wet through.

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Rindou kobayashi
She look like she would suck a bigger dick to death smh
Izana shinatose
Thanks for the input tittyassnigga