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#45181 - As he continues “Well at least we know he won’t reoffend!” How the hell did he get to be a chief I wonder. Forty minutes later I find a person on a bike with a cell phone and get her to call into headquarters. As we pull past Susan’s car the tech alongside of me asks “So do those cars get good milage” then to rub it in “Of course I’m mean when not flatten by a boulder!” Oh yeah funny, smirking at him as I think about what he about to find on the beach, the logs and in the water! No sooner are they collect the remains of Hujax than Chief D’lorde makes an appearance.

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Domon kasshu
Thanks lol
Akira kawazue
Shes a keeper
Sun shang xiang
Very very very hot riding
Akira kurusu
I feel like this is simultaneously straight and gay
Akari akaza
Nice huge yummy dick