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#86023 - Friday came and still a bit worried I after college I went with Sue back to hers as arranged, we went into her house and her mum was in the kitchen so we went to say hello to her, I was glad to see that she was dressed she asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink, we had a drink of juice then Sue said we were going to go to her room and change our clothes out of of our college clothes. There was the sound of the front door opening and closing Bob was home, come on Sue said I will introduce you to Bob OK I said I thought it would be good to meet him first while he has clothes on so we went downstairs, when we got there Bob was saying hi to his mum then turned and see Sue and me and we were introduced to each other, I was surprised to see that Bob was quite good looking I dhert know why I was surprised but I was. He turned around quickly and looked down at my pussy and watched me wee myself, looks like you need cleaning too now and before I could do or say anything he got the soap r

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