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#404389 - God this was the best night of my life even though i knew it was wrong,it actually felt so right,i needed to rub my penis so much so i left her titties,the position i was in i could only free the one hand to properly rub my penis,as a rubbed my penis up and down i was also rubbing against Angies nightie and this had slightly moved up her body so i could touch the flesh of her bottom,she was wearing a pair of white panties which had wedged themselves against her bottoms crack,i wanted so much to put my hand down to her bottom and feel it and touch her panties,all the time thinking i may wake her,it was then that she moved herself so her nightie raised up even more just covering the top of her hips and then her hand came to rest on my leg,i had to stop rubbing my penis her hand was so close to my groin. The week before i left for Angies house i had my first real sexual experience in as much i had found out what wanking was all about,i had been in the bathroom having a shower and washin

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