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#207611 - Part of my mind knew it was wrong, she was my cousin for god sake, but I let it continue just for the thrill of it, she was legally 18 now and so I figured if I could have some fun this weekend all the more exciting right! She had a hard time but eventually managed to get my shorts down to my thighs and that’s when things got interesting, I felt her hand touch and wrap around my dick, a small soft hand began to rub me up and down, it felt so amazing I thought I’d come right there but knew I had to wait. I let her do this for a few minutes until I wanted more than just her mouth on my cock, I wanted to feel her hot young pussy on my face and bury my cock deep in this virgin pussy! As she sucked me off I slowly moved my left hand up and behind her head and applied a little bit of pressure to get her a little deeper into the back of her throat. You see we have always had this special connection that made us really close, closer than either of us thought.

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