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#268989 - If there was one thing Mona could do it was suck cock!!! She had sucked her first dick when she was only fifteen and it hadn't taken her long to find out that she could control just about any boy with her mouth! Lou was about to find out that Mona had a gift! With his cock leaking precum like a dripping faucet, Mona used the tip of her tongue to softly lick the slit on the end of his pecker. On the outside Lou looked like any other $40,000 a year working stiff. Even these dumb fuckers could figure out their next move, and two minutes later they were hightailing it down the alley a little poorer for their trouble! Now five grand split two ways was not half bad, and later on they could sell the coke to dealers they were friendly with, and probably knock down another grand apiece on that.

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Edelgard von hresvelg
She is really cute
What a butt slut
Yes she is xoxoxo
Miyako okura
I can and may watch this all day now