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#173447 - One night I was down at the basement/game room/TV room , when Sara came down, she was only wearing a long shirt I could tell she was naked under it, she sat down next to me and we started talking about the daily things, that was one of the good things about my relationship with Sara we always got along it was never awkward or weird, just like any normal brother and sister, we never fool around in the basement , It had the best TV and the best sound in the house, plus some pretty comfortable sofas so the kids would occasionally come down and hang out, the only part that was off limits to them was my studio and my room, they were free to roam around anywhere else after all I kept on telling them it was their house too. One Friday evening I was still at the office when a couple of old buddy s called and wanted to hang out ,I agreed and went to join them at the usual watering hole, it had been our regular bar for years, after some chit chat and some beers , the guys start waving to some

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