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#94430 - “Ethan, can you hear me?” he questioned softly still unsure and I simply nodded my head in response, “uh stand-up” he commanded, I sprang straight up like an army cadet standing at attention keeping my eyes closed, “now… touch your stomach”, Kyler commanded again and I did, “and stand on one leg” he demanded and I did that as well. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride swelling up inside me as I spied on Kyler staring at my hard dick mesmerized like he was looking into the eyes of god, I shut my eye again when I saw Kyler lift his head, I stayed hard while he said nothing at all for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few seconds, “jack off…”, Kyler finally said, I hesitated noticeably knowing that this was the line into the danger zone and there would be trouble if anyone came in the room, “Hey, jack off”, Kyler commanded no longer looking for clues that I could be faking it. “So what do I have to do?” I asked still sitting on the bed, “Nothing really… just hold

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Es una vitrina que no se ve de afuera hacia adentro parece que estuvieran haciendolo en publico pero no
Misa kurobane
So good just wish was longer