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#307241 - 60 Years earlier Katlin opened here eyes and listend, it took her mind a few minites to connect with the rest of her and she sat up, it was time, she slipped out of her bed and pulled her pre packed suitcase out from its hiding place at the back of her wardrobe, she smiled to herself, JJ was finally doing it, he was helping her get away from that slave driving step mum of hers. The amount of cum was so big, she swolled as fast as she could but could not hold all of it as some leaked from the side of her mouth and feel onto her tits, after swollowing what she could she scooped the rest onto a finger and sucked it off, then the two of them fell back into a deep and very peacful sleep. Things did not go off as she planned, JJ said that they had to keep her inside until they gave up looking for he which could apparently take any ammount of time, at first she saw no problem with this, but started to with the little time JJ was around, don't worry, Katlin, JJ will find time,

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